We Know What We're Doing

Moving Forward Counseling offers only proven methods of therapy by licensed professionals.  Our clinicians specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and many other evidence based modalities.  Therapists will educate you on the most appropriate therapy technique for you, answer any questions, and then join you on your journey.

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No Judgement Here

Not only do our clinicians have the education, they also have the knowledge.  You are accepted for who you are and who you want to be.   You are provided a comfortable, judgement free, calm, and caring environment.  You are safe and well taken care of here.

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You're the Most Important

You are the most important part of our practice and we are committed to treating you that way.  In addition to the most appropriate therapies by well trained therapists you are in a comfortable office conducive to progress.  Two hour valet parking is complementary.   We will address any concerns you might have quickly.

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Since 1993

Are you someone who wants to change or who has had a change and would like stability?   Do you strive for a strong, safe, and rewarding life?  Moving Forward Counseling loves the diversity and individuality each person offers to the world. Just come in and be yourself. We provide a calm, peaceful, safe, and judgement free environment where you can relax and know that you are working toward your goals. You will be supported through your journey and learn the coping skills needed to navigate life.  Through evidence based therapies you will find and build on your strengths, transition to the next phase of your life, and develop the ability to cope with life on your own terms.

We all have transitions in our lives and sometimes feel alone on our journey. There are always choices to be made. Sometimes the path taken does not feel safe, causes too much stress, or feels wrong. Sometimes the choice seems too difficult. Moving Forward Counseling would like to assist you while you establish goals and join you as you work to reach those goals.


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Email us at tsalmons@yourmovingforward.com or call us at 317.279.6585

120 E. Market, Ste 721, Indianapolis, IN 46204 (complimentary 2 hour valet parking)

For Life-Threatening Emergencies, Call 911 or the Crisis & Suicide Intervention Service at  317-251-7575