Intake/Goal Development

Moving Forward Therapy starts with a thorough intake.  This gives an accurate picture of your current situation.  With this information and your assistance, goals and a treatment plan are developed.  You and your therapist will use this to measure progress.

Ongoing Evidence Based Therapy

This is where the healing begins.  At a predetermined interval you will be seen by your therapist.  In session the therapy techniques most appropriate for you will be implemented by a skilled and well qualified clinician.  Work toward your goals with the assistance of a well trained professional.

Assessments and Evaluations

Other types of assessments and evaluations are offered.  Call to find out more.


Evidence Based

The term has been used several times on this website, but what does it truly mean?  This refers to treatments which have been thoroughly researched and are proven to be successful.

Methods of Treatment

Some of the therapies which your therapist might use are as follows: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,


Next Steps...

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